The morning broke like every other in the small Midwestern town of Porterville; quiet and peaceful. It is a farming community where church basement potlucks and Sunday drives in the country are the main sources of entertainment. Nothing much ever happened there: until the arrival of The Visitor. Eighty-six year old resident Ima Plummer could not have imagined how her day would end when she awoke that fateful Wednesday.

Impossible to stop reading, THE VISITOR is a 5079 word, around 20 pages, suspense/thriller short story.

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A wonderful, atmospheric piece about a mysterious incident in a small Midwestern town. The writing style is deceptively simple, and emotionally compelling with lots of ordinary-yet-not details that add authenticity and build the suspense to a slow, unsettling boil. Highly recommended!
The story was well written and a quick read. The book kept my interest through the end. Looking forward to the next one.
You get caught up in the story immediately. A great read.
The story was beautifully written and well paced.

Stephen Ross
Author at Black Parrot Books
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