With the election fast approaching, influential California State Senator Max Johnson was behind in the polls and in desperate need of cash to jump-start his campaign and sway the minds of voters. When a tragic accident on a Los Angeles freeway provides diabolical insurance mogul, Adrian Fitch, with an opportunity to circumvent the campaign contribution laws and funnel much-needed funds to him, Max falls for the plan—a decision that would prove deadly.

Young lawyer Tom Davidson could not have anticipated what he was getting himself into when he took on his first case. Things not taught in any law school class.

The debut novel from Stephen Ross, Power Lust is a new addition to the great suspense/thriller tradition of John Grisham, James Patterson, and David Baldacci. A must read!

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Power Lust begins with a big, cinematic bang, then takes you on a twisty ride through the world of politics and insurance claims . . . the author sprinkles in specialized details that make it obvious he knows his way around the legal profession . . . just when you thought you knew where it was going, the narrative veers off in a direction that pays off the title and introduces us to pure evil . . . .
Couldn’t put it down. Had to keep reading, loved it. Couldn’t imagine what the ending might be, and was delighted at the end. Great read.
Lou Ann
This is a cleverly written book that takes the reader on a tour of the legal profession, Southern California, and a range of emotions. Mr. Ross takes great care in developing the characters . . . Ambition, greed, and pure evil come together in an intricate ballet that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat . . . Power Lust is a suspenseful and very enjoyable read and I look forward to Mr. Ross’ next effort.
I’m an avid reader with high standards and found that I couldn’t put this book down. Great read! Definitely recommend!
I definitely enjoyed this story……plenty of bad guys, pretty ladies, legalese, and comeuppance……NOT predictable. I liked it a lot…….read it.

Stephen Ross
Author at Black Parrot Books
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