Stephen Ross













Small-town detective, Vince Nolan, is on the trail of an unknown psychopath.


The clock is ticking . . .



Stephen’s writing was colorful, folksy, fun, and could raise a few eyebrows . . . made me feel as though I was ‘right there’ . . . The ending was STUNNING. ~ Lou Ann Patterson


Luke Garrett is the world’s best sniper, with 181 confirmed kills. Chuck Reagan is his spotter. Both men recently retired from the SEALs and are living peaceful lives far away from the savagery of war in the Middle East.


Carlos “El Lobo” Quintana is a vile and notorious drug lord responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people and the suffering of millions more. The CIA wants to stop him, and they want Luke and Chuck to do it.


Will they accept the challenge for the greater good? If they do, will they succeed?


“Operation Wolf Hunt,” quickly jumps into the action and never slows down until the last few pages. ~ Reader Views


I felt I was actually THERE, My heart beat fast and couldn’t wait for the next page. ~ Lou Ann Patterson


“Operation Wolf Hunt” was a captivating book with lots of twists and turns. ~ Pamela Last


A child’s life should be idyllic: filled with friends, abundant joy, and carefree days of endless possibility. But that was not to be for Jake Malloy and his little sister, Dory. Their lives traversed paths upon which no child should tread. 


As a young adult trying to overcome the past, Jake chronicles the events that destroyed the possibilities and turned life for the Malloy’s into a living hell.


Will Jake and Dory ever be able to lead normal lives? Only time will tell.


I ended up reading “Memoir from Hell” from cover to cover in one sitting. It’s one of those books where you turn each page with trepidation, yet at the same time, you’re helpless to stop yourself. ~ Reader Views


This is an emotionally charged novel that needs to be read. ~ Anthony Avina


. . . it’s a compelling read that tells the horrors of a family that stayed with a man because there were no other options. Very well done. ~ Energy Rae


With the election fast approaching, influential California State Senator Max Johnson was behind in the polls and in desperate need of cash to jump-start his campaign and sway the minds of voters.


When a tragic accident on a Los Angeles freeway provides diabolical insurance mogul, Adrian Fitch, with an opportunity to circumvent the campaign contribution laws and funnel much-needed funds to him, Max falls for the plan–a decision that would prove deadly.


Young lawyer Tom Davidson could not have anticipated what he was getting himself into when he took on his first case. Things not taught in any law school class.


I’m an avid reader with high standards and found that I couldn’t put this book down. Great read! ~ Eliot 


I enjoyed this book from the first page. Am looking forward to reading his next book “MEMOIR FROM HELL.” ~ J K


Ambition, greed, and pure evil come together in an intricate ballet that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat as the suspense builds. ~ Jeffrey


The morning broke like every other in the small Midwestern town of Porterville: quiet and peaceful. It’s a farming community where church basement potlucks and Sunday drives in the country are the main sources of entertainment. 


Nothing much ever happened there until the arrival of the visitor. Eight-six year old resident Ima Plummer could not have imagined how her day would end when she awoke that fateful Wednesday.


A wonderful, atmospheric piece about a mysterious incident in a small Midwestern town. The writing style is deceptively simple and emotionally compelling, with lots of ordinary-yet-not details that add authenticity and build the suspense to a slow, unsettling boil. Highly recommended!” ~ Spike


The story was well written and a quick read. The book kept my interest through the end. Looking forward to the next one.” ~ Linda